Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If a measure is consistent over multiple occasions, it has:
Select correct option:
Inter-rater reliability
Construct validity
internal validity
Test-retest reliability

What is ordinal data?
Select correct option:
Ordinary data
Well behaved data
Ranked data  

Which of the following is a research method that allows a researcher to get information about a large number of subjects relatively inexpensively and easily?
Select correct option:
Naturalistic observation
Case study
Laboratory observation

What type of process research is?
Select correct option:
A process to discover the truth
A process to invent the machines
A process to make new medicines
A process to create theories

A telephone company is interested in obtaining customers' reactions to a new service package. Which of the following primary research methods would be most effective in reaching this audience to obtain their feedback?
Select correct option:
An Internet survey
Telephone interviews
A mail survey
Focus groups   p--156

The number of people who complete a survey in relation to the number of people contacted to participate is called the:
Select correct option:
Response set
Response rate   p—7 2
Response bias

Which of the following is an example of deception in business research?
Select correct option:
The obtaining of company material without permission.
The researcher wearing a disguise during an observation.
The researcher representing their research as being about a different topic.
The researcher failing to ask permission to interview someone.

Which one of the following tasks is NOT accomplished by theoretical framework?
Select correct option:
Elaborate the relationship among the variables
Explain the logic underlying the relationship between the variables.
Describe the nature, and direction of the relationships among the variables.
Relates the previous studies.

Which of the following is not a feature of theoretical framework?
Select correct option:
Making an inventory of variables
Specify the direction of relationship
Presenting findings
making an inventory of propositions

Which of the following is not included in Objects?
Select correct option:

The key objective of data analysis is to:
Select correct option:
Calculate statistics
Understand relationships between variables
Obtain the distribution of responses for each question
Create tables, which display the survey results

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