Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For ensuring success in business, top management applies different kind of strategies. Suppose if you are a CEO of any bank, what kind of strategies you may design for the better growth and success.

Your job is to only identify any four or five successful strategies for banks.

Due date 05-11-2010


• Price Leadership Strategy
• Flexibility
• Product or services differentiation
• Time to respond to customers and other changes
• Best possible use of IT & Information System Management
• Strong CRM Department
• Wide range of services to satisfy my customers
• I will try to be proactive rather than to be reactive
• Strong Marketing Department
• Well training Human Resources.


As being a CEO of any bank I might design the following strategies;
  1. The latest wealth management industry trends with industry leaders and experts.
  2. New techniques for assessing risk tolerance and applying behavioral finance.
  3. Post-modern portfolio management techniques and asset-liability management.
  4. Key needs of private clients and organizational design ideas.
  5. Family governance, succession planning, and family business issues.

  • Interpersonal relationship with the customers and employees
  • Communication with my employees to check their problems, needs and complaints
  • I will change the duties of employees to avoid the plan fraud.
  • Continuous audit of the bank will be performed
  • Careful handling the customers
  • Sold security of the bank
  • Easy to get the services in the bank
  • Mission statement, why the company in business
    SWOT analysis
  • Set the targets (long term objects and goals)    

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