Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Important Notice

Published On:  Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Important Notice 
The staff of Private Virtual Campuses (PVCs) is not authorized to certify any form for VU students on behalf of Virtual University of Pakistan. The University Rule on this issue is as under:
“PVCs shall not be entitled to issue any letter, certificate, diploma, degree to any VU student or person on the behalf of Virtual University of Pakistan. The PVC will not be allowed to use the VU or Government logo in any stationery for whatsoever purpose. Any proof regarding the issuance of said documents shall be treated as sufficient basis to take appropriate action against such PVC that may lead towards cancellation of its status”. 
Some PVCs are certifying PTCL broad band, railway travel, zakat fund or other forms which is entirely an illegal practice and unacceptable. The students are instructed to refrain from getting any form certified/attested from the PVC. Only University can certify student forms used for different activities. If any student needs further guidance, s/he  can mail the query at

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