Request for Rescheduling of Missed/Unplanned paper(s) on or before October 01, 2020 – Spring 2020 Final Term Examinations

 A student may request for rescheduling of Missed/Unplanned paper(s) on or before Thursday, October 01, 2020. No request will be entertained after the specified date. The rescheduling rules may be accessible through the following link:


The re-schedule chance shall be provided only once.

  1. The rescheduling fee is non-refundable in any case irrespective of his/her appearance in a rescheduled paper(s).
  2. The rescheduled paper(s) shall be conducted as per the following schedule: 

For Overseas Students: Saturday, October 03, 2020

For Local Students: Sunday, October 04, 2020

  1. Fee voucher(s) of the prescribed fee shall be payable before the announcement of the result.
  2. A maximum of four (04) papers can be rescheduled in the Spring 2020 Final Term Examinations.


  1. Login to VULMS
  2. Open VULMS-->Student Services-->Examinations Department--> Apply for Rescheduling of Papers.
    (The missed paper(s) will be available for rescheduling after 24 hours of actual paper time)
  3. The Select Preferred City of Appearance from the drop-down list.
    (Overseas Students shall select Preferred City as “Overseas”).
  4. Submit Request.
  5. Once your request is duly processed, a confirmation email will be sent on your VU email address (Please check Inbox/Spam/Junk-Email) from
     (University requires at least 24-48 hours for processing your request).
  6. Now, you must take a fresh print of your Exam Entrance slip from


In case of any query regarding rescheduling, please contact at 

  1. Email:
  2. Telephone: 042-99204760, 042-99203899
  3. WhatsApp: 03000656906 (Queries of Local Students)
  4. WhatsApp: 03000656908(Queries of Overseas Students)

Tuition Fee Concession for Spouses / Children of Shuhada of Armed Forces / Law Enforcement Agencies

 In order to recognize the sacrifices of Shuhada and to support their families, Virtual University is offering tuition fee concession for Spouses / Children of Shuhada of Armed Forces / Law Enforcement Agencies on submission of formal recommendations duly issued/signed by an authorized officer of respective department/agency subject to following conditions;

  1. The concession in tuition fee will be applicable on all offered certificates/diploma/degree programs of the University.
  2. Tuition fee concession will be granted under the said policy on a merit basis.
  3. The tuition fee concession shall be valid for one semester only.
  4. In order to remain eligible in subsequent semester (s), the student must meet minimum criteria of VU Need-Based Scholarship rules (“Rules” herein called “Students Scholarship Regulations; 2015”). The link is copied below for reference:

  1. Concession will be allowed to spouse and unemployed children of Shaheed.
  2. Security fee and all other dues (if any) will be charged at the prescribed rates of the University.

After admission confirmation, students may apply for tuition fee concession by submitting a prescribed tuition fee concession form and other requisite documents which may be printed from the link given below:

  1. Tuition fee concession form                                               (Click here to get Print)
  2. Recommendation letter                                                         (Click here to get Print)
  3. Affidavit (To be filled on Stamp paper of worth Rs.100) (Click here to get Print)

The duly filled and signed/attested documents must reach the below-mentioned address not later than October 26, 2020.

Accounts Department (Fee Section),

The Virtual University of Pakistan,

M.A Jinnah Campus,

Defence Road off Raiwind Road,

Lahore, Pakistan.

UAN- 42-111-880-880 Extension, 631


Before sending the documents, the applicant must ensure that all documents are enclosed. An incomplete form will not be accepted. If any document is found missing, your application will be considered as “Incomplete” and University will not consider your application for fee concession.



As an overseas student You must adhere to the "Code of Conduct Outside of Pakistan" from the following link:

Overseas Exam Software and related materials have been made available for download. Please make sure to install the latest exam application available on the link given below. You must follow the sequence of instructions given below for smooth and error-free installation:



  1. Download and install VUTES exam software from the following link
  2. Download and install only TeamViewer (Version 8 only) on the workstation from the following link:

Note: Install the TeamViewer software for Personal/Non-Commercial use.

  1. Uninstall antivirus applications and disable windows firewall before the start of the paper.
  2. System default language MUST be English (United States). It can be set from Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Format
  3. No proxy software/remote control software (except TeamViewer) should be installed or configured on the machine (like ultra-surf, hotspot shield, LogMeIn, etc.).
  4. Disable Internet Explorer Proxy settings. It can be disabled from Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings and uncheck proxy server settings.
  5. Do not configure external webcam other than exam application (like MSN, Yahoo, Skype, etc.); otherwise, the exam application will not detect the external webcam
  6. After installation, you must go through the “User Manual” for Know-How to attempt your paper.
  7. An icon will be visible on your desktop after installation of the VUTES exam application. Please double click the icon to run the demo test.


  1. One external USB webcam with the following prescribed view
  2. The audio adapted must be enabled and running with a working microphone. 


  1. You may test your installation by joining any of the following sessions till September 08, 2020, during the specified session timings as mentioned below:
    • Session 1:      08:00 A.M to 10:00 A.M (PST)
    • Session 2:      11:00 A.M to 01:00 P.M (PST)
    • Session 3:      02:30 P.M to 04:30 P.M (PST)
    • Session 4:      05:00 P.M to 07:00 P.M (PST)
  2. Please use your student ID as a login and password for login into the exam application to check the demo test. For example,
    • Student ID: (Your student ID)
    • Password: (Your student ID)
  3. After completing the demo test, you must confirm your installation status by clicking the link “Click here to confirm your installation status” given on

Note: There are no invigilators present during the demo sessions, so no need to reply to the messages during the demo. You can send us your feedback at or you may also contact “Overseasexams” at Skype or through Whatsapp "+92-3000656908" during demo sessions for support.


UAN: +9242111880880 Ext: 352
Direct #: +92-42-99204760, +92-42-99203899
Mobile #/WhatsApp: +92-3000656908


 The web interface for making date sheet has been launched on the following link:

You are advised to make your date sheet by Sunday, August 23, 2020. Seats will be available on a 'First come First served' basis. All mentioned timings are as per PST (Pakistan Standard Time).

Schedule of Late Signup Fee: 

  • No fee will be charged up to Monday, August 24, 2020
  • Late fee @ Rs.500 /- (Local Student)/$ 20 (Overseas Student) will be charged from Tuesday, August 25, 2020, to Saturday, September 05, 2020
  • Double Late fee @ Rs.1000 /- (Local Student)/$ 25 (Overseas Student) will be charged from Sunday, September 06, 2020, to Monday, September 07, 2020 
  • Special Late fee @ Rs.2000 /- (Local Student)/$ 100 (Overseas Student) will be charged from Tuesday, September 08, 2020, to Wednesday, September 09, 2020 


  1. After Monday, September 07, 2020, the date sheet interface will be closed.
  2. During Exams, Overseas students traveling to Pakistan or vice versa shall reschedule their remaining papers with a prescribed rescheduling fee.
  3. In case of any query, you may contact:
    1. Generate Ticket: Contact Us--->Support System--->Examinations--->Conduct--->Date sheet Related Queries
    2. Email:
    3. Telephone: 042-99204760, 042-99203899
    4. WhatsApp: 03000656906, 03000656908(Overseas queries only)  


1. Log in using your VULMS ID and Password
(In case of any password related problem you may visit OR you may contact
2. Choose your Exam City in which you want to appear for the Exam (optional). Overseas students shall select 'OVERSEAS'
3. Choose your Exam Center from the given centers
(Once selected, you can’t change your Exam Center)
4. Select the available exam date and start time of your own choice for each of your courses, then click the “Confirm” button to confirm your selection.
5. Repeat the Step-4 for all your remaining courses one by one.

Revised Start Date of Spring 2020 Final Term Examinations

 Due to prevailing weather conditions, Spring 2020 Final Term Examinations have been postponed.  Now, these examinations will start on Thursday, September 10, 2020.

The exam papers planned between September 5 to September 9, 2020, have been shifted between September 25 to 29, 2020 respectively in the same exam city/center/session.

The schedule has been updated on the date sheet interface. Affected students are advised to take a fresh printout of their ‘Exam Entrance Slip’ by visiting the date sheet interface link:

Inconvenience caused is regretted.

Note: There is no change in the exam schedule between September 10, 2020, to September 24, 2020.