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Buying Guide: Things Look for When Buying a Laptop!

Buying a laptop
Laptop is becoming a thing of office commodity than rather a necessity and it is one of the most important things for professionals who need to be connected with people around them. The good news is that the computer industry of Pakistan has grown exponentially and we have more products and computers especially laptops than ever before.
With a large variety of laptops in the market buying the right one can be a tiring and daunting task. Before you start-off you should know what exactly you be looking for to keep yourself on the right track. Ok so to start with, keep these three simple rules in mind when you head to the market
Three Simple Rules of Buying a Laptop under a Budget:
  1. Design is Not Always the King – Don’t let design and shinny surface distract you.
  2. Never Ask Too Much – Buy what you need and not what you want.
  3. Save Some Money to Buy Laptop Accessories – It is always wise to save some money on a laptop to buy accessories such as laptop bag, cooling pad and optical mouse.
Here is What Exactly You Should Be Looking for

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HEC Guideline for Degree Attestation 2013

Degree Attestation

HEC does not attest "foreign degrees/Deeni Asnaad". However, their equivalence is determined by"EQUIVALENCE CELL" of HEC.

Free Download Latest Version of Chrome

Free Download Latest Version of Chrome 

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Free Download Latest Version of Firefox


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