National ICT Research and Development Awards 2013

Published On:  Wednesday, April 24, 2013
The “National ICT Research and Development Awards 2013” is being launched to acknowledge the efforts of Pakistani organizations, researchers, academicians, professionals, engineers, etc. in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with the aim of encouraging the development of an ICT focused R&D culture in Pakistan.
We plan to hold a Grand National ICT R&D Awards Event in August/September 2013 during which the winners would be announced and excellence of their work acknowledged.
This may be converted into a yearly featured event for National ICT R&D Fund depending upon its popularity and feedback from key stakeholders.
Award Categories
  • ICT based Products/Systems/Applications.
  • Published Research Papers.
Award Description
Each award will consist of a certificate and a cash award as per following detail:
First Prize:                  Rs. 1.5 Million 
Second Prize:             Rs. 1.0 Million 
Third Prize:                 Rs. 0.5 Million
In addition a grant up to Rs 2.5 million may be awarded to the winners (or the winning teams) through their parent institution(s) to pursue further R&D in a related area of interest
How to Apply
The application forms for the awards should be submitted both in hard and soft copy format. The hard copy of the form should be sent at the following address before the deadline:           

Last date of submission of form:   May 31, 2013

Address:   General Manager – Monitoring, National ICT R&D Fund, 6th Floor, HBL Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.
For further details including prescribed application form, etc. visit our website


Important announcement for students about fee voucher

Published On:  Tuesday, April 23, 2013
All students are informed that first fee voucher for spring 2013 semester has been generated. Please pay your dues in time so that you may continue your studies without any hazard. Please note that accounts of non-paying students will instantly be blocked after expiry of due date.


Important: Postponement of 4th Convocation, Karachi

Published On:  Monday, April 22, 2013

This is to inform you that 4th convocation of Virtual University of Pakistan which was scheduled to be held on April 25, 2013 at Karachi has been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. The new date for Karachi Convocation will be intimated in due course of time.
Inconvenience caused is regretted.


Award of Scholarship to the national of SAARC Member States under the SAARC Chair Fellowship Scholarship Scheme for the Academic Year 2013-2014 by ICCR (India)

Published On:  Monday, April 22, 2013


Award of scholarship to the nationals of SAARC Member States under the SAARC Chair Fellowship Scholarship Scheme for the academic year 2013-14 by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR)

ICCR has stated that two (02) scholarships will be offered to AfghanistanBangladeshBhutan,MaldivesNepalPakistan and Sri Lanka (14 slots) for this academic session.

Application Form and enclosures are to be downloaded from the ICCR website:

The esteemed Member States are requested to forward eligible applications to ICCR directly with a copy to the SAARC Secretariat as early as possible as the deadline set by ICCR has already lapsed.




Published On:  Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Course Selection (Spring 2013)
(Classes Commencement Date: Monday, April 8, 2013)

The Course Selection link will be available from Tuesday, March 26, 2013 under Student Services TabThe students are advised to logon to their respective VULMS account and select their course(s) immediately or at least before the semester commencement date. However, students may add/drop course(s) until April 21, 2013. Failing to enroll any course(s) by the last date, such students will be treated as “INACTIVE STUDENT” in Spring 2013 semester under “Semester Freeze Rules 2012” and required to pay additional fee.
1. Existing students may Select/Add/Drop/Replace course(s) by themselves through “Student Services, Course Selection link”.
2. Newly admitted students, enrolled in the 1stsemester of their study program, are given pre-selected courses. However, they have an option to reduce course load by dropping course(s) using above mentioned course selection link. (Note: This practice will eventually increase the duration and the fee of the study program).
3. Students are required to complete the minimum residential period of their respective degree program e.g. a 2-year (4-semester) degree program cannot be completed in less than its prescribed time [provided the students are allowed prescribed course(s) exemption by the Committee].
4. Students with blocked VULMS (due to non-payment of fee or any other reason) are not allowed to make their course selection/semester enrolment unless they deposit their outstanding dues.
5. No course Add/Drop request will be entertained after April 17, 2013. In case a student fails to appear in Final Term examination of course(s), s/he will be treated as‘F (Absent)’ just like dropped course(s) but no fee will be refunded / adjusted.
6. Fee voucher once issued will not be re-issued, upon drop of course(s).
7. Request of student to relax/waive off any offered assignment /quiz will not be entertained / accepted.
8. To apply for VU scholarships, the eligibility criteria also includes selecting and qualifying courses according to prescribed semester wise scheme of studies of program and deposit of the University dues.
9. Students are required to strictly follow while enrollment of maximum credit hours limit for a semester including ‘F’ or ‘D’ grade course(s), if any [except MSBA / MBA (Equivalent to MS) & MSCS.
10. In any of the subsequent semesters a student may repeat once, those course(s) of the previous semester(s) in which s/he had secured the lowest grade i.e. ‘D’ only. However, a student is not allowed to improve ‘D’ grade of a deficiency course qualified. Any improved grade will substitute ‘F’ and ‘D’grades of the previous semester while calculating CGPA.
11. A student, who fails to achieve the required CGPA for award of diploma/degree, upon the completion of entire prescribed course work program, may be allowed to repeat, once the course(s) of the previous semesters in which s/he had obtained the low grade (i.e. ‘C’ or ‘D’) in order to achieve the minimum CGPA required for the award of diploma/degree, failing which s/he shall cease to be on the rolls.
12. Specialization certificate students’ are not allowed to improve ‘D’ grade course(s).
13. The existing MBA (2-year) program students are encourages to complete their degree program within Spring 2013 semester according to VU Notification No. VU/Reg/1773 published at LMS Notice Board (due to HEC, revised Business Studies roadmap).
14. Students are instructed to follow strictly the Rules and Procedure given in Student Hand Bookunder - Course Selection link in LMS account.
Declaration: I hereby acknowledge that I have completely read and understood the above rules including semester enrollment, course selection etc. I understand that I shall be responsible for the consequence and thus promise to abide by the University rules framed out from time to time.
Note: Students having issues or seeking guidance regarding course selection may e-mail to

whereas MSCS program students are required to email


MGT201 Mix Quiz 2011

What should be used to calculate the proportional amount of equity financing employed by a firm? Select correct option:
The common stock equity account on the firm's balance sheet
The sum of common stock and preferred stock on the balance sheet
The book value of the firm
The current market price per share of common stock times the number of Shares Outstanding

What is the long-run objective of financial management? Select correct option:
Maximize earnings per share
Maximize the value of the firm's common stock
Maximize return on investment
Maximize market share

                  are analysts who use information concerning the current and prospective profitability of firms to assess the firm's fair market value.
Select correct option: Credit analysts Fundamental analysts Systems analysts Technical analysts

Total Marks: 1
Which of the followings expressed the proposition that the value of the firm is independent of its capital structure?
Select correct option:
The Capital Asset Pricing Model
M&M Proposition I M&M Proposition II The Law of One Price

The statement of cash flows reports a firm's cash flows segregated into which of the following categorical order?
Select correct option:
Operating, investing, and financing Investing, operating, and financing Financing, operating and investing Financing, investing, and operating

A project that tells us the number of years required to recover our initial cash investment based on the project’s expected cash flows is:
Select correct option:
Pay back period
Internal rate of return

Net present value
Profitability index

Which of the following would generally have unlimited liability? Select correct option:
A limited partner in a partnership

A shareholder in a corporation

The owner of a sole proprietorship

A member in a limited liability company (LLC)

If 2 stocks move in the same direction together then what will be the correlation coefficient?
Select correct option:





which of the following needs to be excluded while we calculate the incremental cash flows? Select correct option:
Depreciation Sunk cost Opportunity cost Non-cash item

If risk and return combination of any stock is above the SML, what does it mean? Select correct option:
It is offering lower rate of return as compared to the efficient stock
It is offering higher rate of return as compared to the efficient stock
Its rate of return is zero as compared to the efficient stock
It is offering rate of return equal to the efficient stock

Which of the following techniques would be used for a project that has non–normal cash flows? Select correct option:

Internal rate of return
Multiple internal rate of return Modified internal rate of return Net present value

Which of the following is NOT a cash outflow for the firm? Select correct option:
Depreciation Dividends Interest

Which of the following statements is correct for a firm that currently has total costs of carrying and ordering inventory that is 50% higher than total carrying costs?
Select correct option:
Current order size is greater than optimal
Current order size is less than optimal
Per unit carrying costs are too high
      The optimal order size is currently being used

When a firm needs guaranteed, short-term funds available for a variety purposes, the bank loan will likely be a   .
Select correct option:
Compensating balance arrangement
Revolving credit agreement
Transaction loan
Line of credit

Which if the following is (are) true? I.       The dividend growth model holds if, at some point in time, the dividend growth rate exceeds the stocks required return. II.                                A decrease in the dividend growth rate will increase a stocks market value, all else the same. III.                             An increase in the required return on a stock will decrease its market value, all else the same

I, II, and III not sure
I only
III only
II and III only

An implicit cost of adding debt to the capital structure is that it: Select correct option:
Adds interest expense to the operating statement
Increases the required return on equity Reduces the expected return on assets Decreases the firm's beta

hich of the following statements regarding covariance is correct? Select correct option:
Covariance always lies in the range -1 to +1
Covariance, because it involves a squared value, must always be a positive number (or zero) Low covariances among returns for different securities leads to high portfolio risk Covariances can take on positive, negative, or zero values

Which of the following is not a form of short-term, spontaneous credit? Select correct option:
Accrued wages Trade credit Commercial paper Accrued taxes

Which of the following has the same meaning as the working capital to financial analyst? Select correct option:
Total assets
Fixed assets
Current assets
Current assets minus current liabilities

Above the breakeven EBIT, increased financial leverage will
Assume there are no taxes
Select correct option: Increase Decrease
Either increase or decrease
None of the given options

EPS, all else the same.

Which of the following is NOT an example of hybrid equity
Select correct option: Convertible Bonds Convertible Debenture Common shares Preferred shares

If we invest in many securities which are overall risk for your investment.
Select correct option: Comparable Correlated
Highly correlated
Negatively correlated

to each other then it is possible to reduce

The objective of financial management is to maximize
Select correct option: Stakeholders Shareholders Bondholders Directors


A company whose stock is selling at a P/E ratio greater than the P/E ratio of a market index most
likely has.
Select correct option:
An anticipated earnings growth rate which is less than that of the average firm
A dividend yield which is less than that of the average firm Less predictable earnings growth than that of the average firm Greater cyclicality of earnings growth than that of the average firm

The stock in your portfolio was selling for Rs.40 per share yesterday, but has today declared a three for two split. Which of the following statements seems to be true?
Select correct option:
There will be two-thirds as many shares outstanding, and they will sell for Rs.60.00 each There will be four times as many shares outstanding, and they will sell for Rs.160.00 each There will be 50 percent more shares outstanding and they will sell for Rs.26.67 each

There will be one-and-one-half times as many shares outstanding, and they will sell for
Rs.60.00 each

Under the idealized conditions of MM, which statement is correct when a firm issues new stock in order to pay a cash dividend on existing shares?

Select correct option:
The new shares are worth less than the old shares
The old shares drop in value to equal the new price
The value of the firm is reduced by the amount of the dividend
The value of the firm is unaffected

is the variability of return on stocks or portfolios not explained by general market movements. It is avoidable through diversification.
Select correct option: Systematic risk Standard deviation Unsystematic risk Coefficient of variation

When taxes are considered, the value of a levered firm equals the value of the_          . Select correct option:
Unlevered firm
Unlevered firm plus the value of the debt
Unlevered firm plus the present value of the tax shield
Unlevered firm plus the value of the debt plus the value of the tax shield

Which of the following would be consistent with an aggressive approach to financing working capital?
Select correct option:
Financing short-term needs with short-term funds
Financing permanent inventory buildup with long-term debt
Financing seasonal needs with short-term funds
Financing some long-term needs with short-term funds

Which of the following is the maximum amount of debt (and other fixed-charge financing) that a firm can adequately service?
Select correct option:
Debt capacity
Debt-service burden

Adequacy capacity
Fixed-charge burden

Which of the following terms best applies to the short-term interest rate charged by banks to large, creditworthy customers?
Select correct option:
Discount basis interest rate
Long-term bond rate
Prime rate
Fed funds rate

According to

, the firm's cost of equity increases with greater debt financing, but the

WACC remains unchanged. Select correct option:
M&M Proposition I with taxes M&M Proposition I without taxes M&M Proposition II without taxes M&M Proposition II with taxes

Which of the following is the cash required during a specific period to meet interest expenses and principal payments?
Select correct option: Debt capacity
Debt-service burden Adequacy capacity Fixed-charge burden

What are two major areas of capital budgeting? Select correct option:
Net present value, profitability index
Net present value; internal rate of return
Net present value; payback period
Pay back period; profitability index

A statistical measure of the variability of a distribution around its mean is referred to as

Select correct option:

Probability distribution Expected return Standard deviation Coefficient of variation