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Monday, December 17, 2012

STA630 Latest Paper 12 Dec. 2012

IN which Situation u will use mail questionnaire? 5 marks
Problem definition 5 marks
Advantage & disadvantage of using public internet for theoretical research? 3 marks
Aspect of data collection? 3 marks
Respondent bias? 3 marks
total mcqs 22
Mostly objective was from previous papers
and 5 other Question 2 by 5 maks and other of 3 marks
1-in a company there is high turnover your are higher as a researcher what you can do among(obsevation or survey)to find out the reasons of this turnover
2-discuss three elements which are used to boast morale in empolyees
3-research question helps in the preparation of hypothesis explain with example
4-related to cover letter discuss the followings
sponcer-objective-selection crieteria

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