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Monday, December 17, 2012

MKT501 today paper 8 December 2012

My today paper of MKT501
8 December 2012:
Total questions were 27;
22 MCQS and 5 subjective.
Retailing is the dead of product distribution. Explain it?
In new product development process, what is meant by Business analysis?
Explain the concept of loss leader with the help of an example and why loss leader are priced below cost.
Explain the marketing strategies that marketing managers can peruse at introduction stage of product life cycle considering only promotion and price of the product and also discuss when each strategy can work efficiently.
Murtaza in his cosmetic store believes in setting allow and upper price range instead of one price for products. He charges for example lower price for the same product from one customer and middle and upper prices for the same product from different customers. Which pricing technique is using in your opinion and what benefit is he enjoying.

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