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CS201 Assignment No 1 (02-11-2011)

Assignment No. 01
Semester: Fall 2011
CS201: Introduction to Programming

Total Marks: 20

                                              Due Date:02/11/2011


Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment. It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

§         The assignment is submitted after due date.
§         The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
§         Assignment is copied(partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, students, etc)

Note: You have to upload only .cpp file. Assignment in any other format (extension) will not be accepted and will be awarded with zero marks. For example, if you submit code in .doc (Word document) or .txt files, no reward will be given in any case.


The objective of this assignment is to provide hands on experience of:

§         Basic concepts of C/C++ language and Programming
§         Dealing with Data types
§         Conditional statements of C/C++ language
§         Repetition Structures in C/C++ language
§         Saving a program
§         Compiling a program
§         Executing the program


§         Code should be properly indented and well commented.
§         Follow C/C++ rules while writing variable names, function names etc
§         Use only dev-C++ for this assignment.
§         Use appropriate C/C++ structure i.e. if-else; switch statement etc to get inputs from user where required (Marks will be deducted if inappropriate structure will be used).

Problem Statement:     Virtual Restaurant    

You are required to write a program for BILLING SYSTEM of a virtual restaurant. The basic idea is that by entering the meal price, your billing system will calculate the Sales Tax, Total amount and Complement offer upon that meal. The program will process the billing of undetermined number for customers. At the end, program will show sum of total amount of all the customers.  

Detailed Description:
Billing System should work as under:

  • You are required to take meal price as input from user.
  • After getting this input, program will calculate the sales tax on it as given below:

Meal Price
Sales Tax applicable
Less than or equal to 1000
No sales Tax on it.
Greater than 1000 and less than or equal to 2000
1% of meal price.
Greater than 2000
2% of meal price.

  • After calculating the sales tax, program will calculate and display the total amount of the meal according to given formula:
         Total Amount = Meal_Price + Sales_Tax
  • Now, program will prompt to serve the complement sweet dish to customer on the basis of total amount as given below:

Total Amount
Sweet Dishes
Less than 1000
Greater than or equal to 1000 and less than 2000
Sweet Bread
Greater than or equal to 2000 and less than 3000
Greater than or equal to 3000 and less than 4000
Other amounts  

  • After displaying the information of one customer, the program should ask the user if he/she again wants to process the bill of another customer. The user will be given two options. If user selects “Y or y”, the program will start the processing of another customer. If user selects “N or n”, the billing system exits.
  • Before exiting from billing system, this program should display the total number of customers it processed, and sum of total amount of all the customers.

Sample Output:



//Yasir Javaed
//Program for virtual Billing System (virtual resturant)

cout<<"     ** Virtual Restaurent **                 "<<endl;
float meal,tax,total,grand=0,x,count;
char choice; /*Declare a character type variable so that we can make decession yes or no*/
cout<<"Enter the Price of meal : ";/*get amount of meal*/
if(meal<=1000) /* Applying first condition */
           cout<<"Your meal price is"<<meal<<endl;
           cout<<"Your tax is   : "<<tax<<endl;
           cout<<"Your bill is : "<<total<<endl<<endl;
         cout<<"Your meal price is;"<<meal<<endl;
         cout<<"Your tax is   : "<<tax<<endl;
         cout<<"Your meal price is: "<<meal<<endl;
         cout<<"Your tax is   : "<<tax<<endl;
         cout<<"Total bill is : "<<total<<endl<<endl;
                       cout<<"customer should serve with candies"<<endl;
                       cout<<"customer should serve with Sweet Bresd"<<endl;
                       cout<<"customer should serve with Pudding"<<endl;
                       if(total>=3000 && total<4000)
                       cout<<"customer should serve with Cake"<<endl;
                       cout<<"customer should serve with Triffle"<<endl;
cout<<"\nDo you want to total some other bill?\n Press Y for yes and N for no"<<endl;
                     {              cout<<"Total munber if customer are;"<<count<<endl;
                     cout<<"Total of all is : "<<grand;


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