Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recommendations for (GDB) for Virtual University Students - VUMBA2009

GDB's is graded as 5 marks out of 100. so if we compare our assignments marks. They are also 5 marks. So see how much effort we do though out the semester for Assignments just for 5 marks. We do not consecrate on these 5 marks. Also quiz contain 5 marks. So these are total 15 marks. Out of 100. so to get full marks we should consecrate on it. Rest of the marks are 35% for midterm and 50% for the final term. Gdb is (graded discussion board) which is asked from student to write on his view on the given topic. The lines and words are mention. So it is a kind of summary. So do not copy it from some website or from your friend. Try to write it in your own words. That’s the only way to get maximum marks. Because it’s the student own words. Which are required by the teacher. So you should work on it. Here are some recommendations to write Gdb’s.

1. Read the topic carefully.
2. After reading ask your self truly about the required situation.
3. Try to read the discussions from different forums or research papers and articles which
would defiantly be a great help.
4. The main topic grip is necessary to write it in your own words. If you don’t have then it would be a problem.
5. if you copy it from a website first paste it in notepad and then paste it in word pad. By pasting in notepad the internet pages formatting and links will automatically disappear.” Its for those who have less time or don’t know the editing in word processor”.
6. Do not share your Gdb with your friend or on internet.

These are few recommendations you follow them and do write us we will help you more.
by VUMBA2009

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