Thursday, September 16, 2010


Dear Students,

Welcome again to VUMBA2009 and Thanks to visit us.
We also want to thanks to you all to make VUMBA2009 a famous blog among all VU blogs. We feel proud whenever we see thousands of appreciating emails from you and we believe that its reward of our sincerity and continuous struggle to help you in every study matter and it is also OUR MISSION to serve you with the UNIQUE, EASY and BEST way.
IF you want to achieve maximum marks in your exams, you have to follow the following some important points on DAILY BASIS:

:-). Read HANDOUTS and listen/see video lectures as well on DAILY BASIS.

:-). Listen the Lectures carefully JUST FOR AN IDEA
to understand the terms, methods, formulas in that subject.

:-). MUST keep copy/pencil in your hands during taking lecture and write down all the terms/formulas in that lecture during listening lectures.

:-). Try to complete your daily lesson (lectures/handouts) on daily basis as it is very important to achieve maximum marks.

:-). IF you have any confusion regarding your study matters or assignment, you may contact us on our email address Its our pleasure to serve you with UNIQUE, EASY and BEST way.
Remember: Not just study but Enjoy the study.
VUMBA2009 Help Desk..

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