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Monday, December 3, 2012

Virtual University of Pakistan-For New Students-Complete Information About VU Exam & Software

Dear Students,
Midterm Exam will start. Many students of 1st semester are facing problems in exam preparation and afraid about Exam. Because they are going to attempt 1st time Online Exam.
We are going to start this discussion for new students and will try to clear confusions of students and guide them for preparation and attempting exam. 

“How to use VU Exam Software and attempt Midterm Exam”

VU Online Midterm exam detail is as following

• Duration will 60 minutes
• 70% will be objective questions (like Online Quiz) & 30% will be subjective Questions.
Pattren will be like below this ( Just as example)
• Total 28 questions.
• 20 Mcqs like VU Online Quiz
• Two questions of 2 marks
• Two questions of 3 marks
• Two questions of 5 marks
• VU ID Card and your date sheet must take when you go to examination center

Complete Information About VU Exam & Software - For New Students

and check this below link 


Student ID:          Your VULMS ID
Exam Password:   Given on your Date Sheet

Software Timer may Create Problem, so Be Careful during Exam.
You will See your Picture at the Top-Right of the Page, Female Students can Hide Their Picture With the Help of an arrow Option on the picture.

Please note that:
•Exam Software shall automatically close when the prescribed time is over. You areadvised to save your data frequently in order to prevent any data loss.
•In case you are asked by the examiner to close your paper on technical grounds, youmust close it through browser close button and NOT through the “Finish”button.

Important Instructions:
•Don’t copy image directly from paint. Instead, first copy the image into MS Word, thenpaste it in the Exam Software.
•You can save data up to a maximum of 2MB size in a single descriptive question.
•For larger images, save as monochrome bitmap image in MS paint, then paste it intoexam software.

In order to avoid any kind of data loss or other problem, take care of the following:
•Do not close the browser window.
•Do not press browser back button. Instead, use the exam software navigation buttons.


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