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IT430 Final 2010 Solved with ref

QuestioNo: 1     ( Marks: 1 )       - Please choose one

In case of transaction failure or crash, one can retrieve his or her lost coins by sending all blinded signed coins from last ………………withdrawals to the E-bank.




16 P:119

Lost Coins

In case network fails or computer crashes during payment transaction, coins might be lost. All signed blinded coins from last 16 withdrawals are sent by the bank to the client. Client uses the blinding factor

Question No: 2     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Which entity does not include in SET(secure Electronic Transaction)?



Payment gateway

Bank P:122

There are four entities involved in a SET transaction cardholder, Merchant and certification authority and payment gateway.

Question No: 3     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Traditionally Marketer use the market segmentation(s) like

Geo-graphic Segmentation

Demographic Segmentation

Psychographic Segmentation

All of the above P:131

Traditionally, marketers have used three types of variables to define three different market segmentations, namely, geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation and psychographic segmentation.

Question No: 4     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Class C has:

Network 01 byte and 03 hosts

Network 02 bytes and 02 hosts

       Network 03 bytes and 01 host P:10

None of these

In class C, first three bytes refer to the network address and the last byte to the host

machines on that network, which would therefore be a very small network.

Question No: 5     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

In ring topology, failure of network cable will only take down one computer’s network access.


Question No: 6     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Which device uses the IP address


Router P:16

A router is a decision making device. When a data packet arrives at a router it reads the network addresses from the IP address on the data packet and determines the shortest possible path through which this packet can be delivered to its destination.


None of these

Question No: 7     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?

<image src="image.gif">

<img src="image.gif"> P:21

<HTML> <BODY> <HI>On Sale Cassettes</H1> <Img Src=“cassette.gif”>

<img href="image.gif>


Question No: 8     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Cryptographic Algorithms are measured in terms of

                       Key length    P:108

Cryptographic algorithms are measured in terms of key length.



All of the above

Question No: 9     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Upstream activities relate to?

Materials/services or the input from suppliers  P:155

Supply chain can be broken into three parts, that is, upstream activities, internal activities and downstream activities.

Upstream activities relate to materials/services or the input from suppliers

Internal activities relate to manufacturing and packaging of goods

Downstream activities relate to distribution and sale of goods to distributors/customers

Manufacturing and packaging of goods

Distribution and sale of goods to distributors/customers

Input from suppliers and Distribution

Question No: 10     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Television, radio and print media are in a (n) …………. Mode.

Passive P:139

Emotional branding vs. rational branding

In case of television, radio or print media people are normally in a passive mode. To a greater extent they do not control the communication channel and thus have to listen or view the advertisement about a brand.




Question No: 11     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Which of the following Barriers to International E-Commerce?



Infrastructure P:161

Barriers to International e-commerce

Barriers to international ecommerce include lack of trust, lack of infrastructure, language and culture.


Question No: 12     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Exclusive right granted by law to make, use and sell an invention. What is called?


        Trade mark
        Patent infringement P:181

Patent infringement

A patent is an exclusive right granted by law to  make, use and sell an invention. In order to be patentable, the invention must be unique, genuine, and useful according to the prevalent technological standards.


Question No: 13     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Suppose, someone circulates a news item in the media about the reputation of a doctor, alleging him to be professionally incompetent and negligent. This doctor may then file a lawsuit against that person claiming that his reputation has been injured due to such an act.

Which legal issue arises due to such acts?

Cyber Crimes

Online Defamation P:182

Online Defamation

A defamatory statement is a false statement that injures the reputation of on another person or company. If a statement injures the reputation of a product or service instead of a person, it is called product disparagement.

Cyber squatting


Question No: 14     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Characterization and Clustering belong to which of the following types of
Data Mining?




Descriptive P:141

Types of Data Mining

There are four main types of data mining as follows: Classification
Association Characterization Clustering
Classification and association are predictive types of data mining while characterization and clustering represent the descriptive type.

Question No: 15     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

EDI stands for..

Electronic Digital Information

Electronic Data Integration

Electronic Data Interchange P:147

Lesson 36


All of these

Question No: 16     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Implementing Value Chain model can help us to

Reduce cost

Improve quality of products

Create new ways of selling products

All of these. P:153

Examining value chains one finds that EC can help in four different ways as follows:
It can reduce costs of a business;

It can improve quality of products

It can help in reaching new customers or suppliers; It can create new ways of selling products.

Question No: 17     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Following are malicious programs EXCEPT ----------------- .

Back doors

Trojan Horses

Firewalls P:96

Lesson 21


A firewall is a combination of hardware and software that sits between the internet and internal network of an organization to protect the network from outside attack (Fig. 1). It can examine the data entering or leaving from the network and can filter the data according to certain rules, thus, protects the network from an attack.


Question No: 18     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Which of the following is a valid variable name?


first_student_CGPA P:54

Rules for variables

Variable names can begin with an uppercase letter (A-Z), lower case letter (a-z), an underscore character (_), or dollar sign ($). Remaining characters can be any of the above or from digits (0-9). In JavaScript variables are case sensitive.

last student CGPA


Question No: 19     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Which of the following payment  mode does not require  customer  to pay interest  to the bank on each transaction?

Credit card

Debit card P:110

Note that in case of a credit card the issuer bank charges interest from the client at a specified rate on the amount lent. On the other hand, in case of a debit card no such interest is payable since the customer uses his/her own money in that case.

Electronic check

All of the above

Question No: 20     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

FVIPSS stands for              .

First Virtual Internet Payment System Server P:110

First Virtual InternePayment System Server

First Virtual International Payment System Server

First Virtual International Payment System Services

First Virtual Internal Payment System Services

Question No: 21     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Which e-business helps to improve policies, procedures, customer services, and general operations of other businesses?

Online shopping malls.

Selling intellectual property online.

Online service providers. P:129

Online Service Providers

These e-businesses help improve policies, procedures,  customer service and general operations of other businesses. They can provide consultancy
/  professional services, for example, web site development services, online legal consultancy services etc.

Online automotive sites and energy online.

Question No: 22     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Which of the following is NOT an identified behavioral mode of customers on the web?





Behavioral segmentation

Creation of separate experiences for customers based on their behavior is
Three identified behavioral modes of the customers on the web are: Browsers customers who just browse through the site with no
intention of buying

Buyers customers who are ready to buy right away

Shoppers customers who are motivated to buy but want more information

Question No: 23     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Downstream activities relate to distribution and sale of goods to distributors/customers

True P:155

Supply chain can be broken into three parts, that is, upstream activities, internal activities and downstream activities.

Upstream activities relate to materials/services or the input from suppliers

Internal activities relate to manufacturing and packaging of goods

Downstream activities relate to distribution and sale of goods to distributors/customers


Question No: 24     ( Marks: 1 )      - Please choose one

Online banking is a substitute of tradition banking. Is it?



Question No: 25     ( Marks: 1 )      - Please choose one

-------------means services in relation to the transformation of contents of an electronic
Document from its original form to one that cannot be understood or decoded by any unauthorized person

Cryptography services P:163

“‘Cryptography services means services in relation to the transformation of contents of an electronic document from its original form to one that cannot be understood or decoded by any unauthorized person.

Accredited Certification Service Provider



Question No: 26     ( Marks: 1 )      - Please choose one

Law is broadly divided into two classes on the basis of nature of wrong, namely, ------------ and ---------------

Civil law and criminal law P:176

Law is broadly divided into two classes on the basis of nature of wrong, namely, civil law and criminal law. Civil law deals with the private rights of the parties, whereas the object of criminal law is to punish the wrong-doer. Civil wrongs such as breach of contract are deemed to violate only the rights of individuals and not the society in general.

ETO and criminal law

Supreme and  Civil Law


Question No: 27     ( Marks: 1 )      - Please choose one

Each layer except ……… has got a header.

Physical layer P:05

Header is a piece of information which is attached to the data at its beginning by each layer except the physical layer. The process of moving the data down the OSI Protocol.

Datalink layer

Session layer

Network layer

Question No: 28     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

Symmetric algorithms are faster than asymmetric?

true P:105

The advantage of using symmetric key  is that since symmetric algorithms are faster as compared to asymmetric, therefore, the encryption of a message with the symmetric key takes place quickly.


Question No: 29     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

SET was developed in           .


1997 P:122

Secure Electronic Transaction  (SET)

The drawback in SSL that the credit card/debit card information remains with the merchant led to the development of a more sophisticated protocol called SET. It was developed in 1997 jointly by Visa, MasterCard, Netscape and Microsoft.



Question No: 30     ( Marks: 1 )     - Please choose one

LDA stands for          

Lahore Development Authority P:165

A statutory body is a body/organization established under some statute/law. For example, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is a statutory body established under the Lahore Development Act, 1975 (a provincial statute).

Lahore Development Act Question No: 31    ( Marks: 2 ) What is Data Mining? P: 140
Data Mining

Data Mining can be defined as the task of discovering interesting patterns from large amounts of data, where the data can be stored in databases, data warehouses, or other information repositories.  Data mining has a lot of business application in today’s world. We can identify the behavior of our customers and can effectively target them with personalized messages using data mining techniques.

Assume that there is a shopping store where the data/information about customers has been recorded /stored over a period of time. Using a data mining technique on the customers data, certain pattern can be generated that can provide useful information. For example,
this pattern may tell us that people having a certain demographic profile
(age over 20 years and sex male) coming from a particular location have shown inclination to buy computer related items. It is an interesting clue for the marketers.

Question No:   (Marks: 2 )

What is the purpose of FRAMESET tag? P: 31

<Frameset> and <Frame> are the two basic tags. This concept uses two different types of pages

Frameset page and content pages. Frameset page divides the browser window into a set of frames and defines the size of each frame. It also specifies which content pages are displayed in which frame. It has nobody section (no body tag). Content pages are just regular HTML pages.

Question No: 33     (Marks: 2 )

What do we mean by "Free-Trial" promotion technique? P: 133


E-business promotions can attract visitors to your site and induce them to purchase. Promotional messages can be sent both online and offline.


Customers can sign up for a free service. For example, they can be allowed to download software for certain days free of cost on trial basis before buying it.

Question No: 34     (Marks: 2 )


Most of the countries have, by now, made laws providing recognition to electronic documents an electronic signature. They have basically followed a model law on e- commerce proposed by a U.N. body called UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) in 1996.

On analysis, appears that ETO has certain deficiencies. For instance, difference between an electronic signature and an advanced electronic signature is not clear. Sections dealing with the offences of violation of information a privacy and damage to information /informational systems are too broadly worded, which may lead to confusion. International aspects of e-commerce such as recognition of the foreign certificates and electronic signatures etc. are missing.

Question No: 35     (Marks: 3 )

Write precisely about the 4th stage of planning cycle? P:159

Strategic Planning Cycle

E-business competitive strategy is normally formed and implemented according to a planning cycle which is called strategic planning cycle.

There are four stages in this planning cycle

1.      Industry and Competitive Analysis Strategy
2.      Formulation
3.      Implementation
4.      Performance Assessment or Strategy Reassessment
The 4th stage is Performance Assessment or Strategy Reassessment

Strategy assessment:

Results of implementation plan are monitored and assessed so that any corrective measures or expansion plan can take place. Basically, you want to assess whether your strategy has delivered what it was supposed to deliver; whether your strategy is still viable/workable in the ever changing environment. In strategy assessment phase, you can learn from your mistakes and do your future planning. In case your EC project has been a failure, you can identity the problems and try to remove them. Some of the corrective measures can be to property train your web team, establish or review your security or privacy policy, review or reassess your web design content, reconsider your marketing plan etc. For the strategy assessment, you can conduct surveys, collect information and receive feedback from different
groups of people so that you have solid input from people coming from a variety of background. Sometimes, you have to entirety give up a particular strategy you
followed and formulate a new strategy or set of strategies in light of the company’s main objective or its mission.

Question No: 36     (Marks: 3 )

Discuss the role and responsibilities of Transport layer in OSI model?

Transport layer

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or UDP (User Datagram Protocol) operate at this layer. It has two functions. It converts the data into data packets. Secondly, it is

responsible for flow control of data. TCP is more reliable as it is acknowledgment based as opposed to UDP which does not use any system of acknowledgment for the delivery of data packets.

Question No: 37    (Marks: 3 )

How lack of trust barrier can be overcome or minimized? Discuss it briefly

Lack of Trust

It is very important for online businesses to establish trusting relationships with their customers like in the physical world where companies ensure that customers know who they are. However, it is difficult to build trust because
a kind of anonymity exists for companies trying to establish web presence. Lack of trust barrier can be overcome or minimized:

A plan for establishing credibility of an online business is extremely crucial for its success.
In this behalf, attention to the needs of the site visitors is very
important while designing the web site, since it can be helpful in building trust with customers.  For instance, there should be easy to find web pages that answer questions of the visitors.
Note that companies with established brands can build trust for
online business more quickly as compared to a new company/business without reputation, since a brand conveys expectations about how the online business would behave. For example, how the seller online business
wou d  eac     o a c a m o    e und by  he cu    ome
l    r      t t         l i        f r f             t          st        r.

Question No: 38    (Marks: 3 )

Write the names of companies who were helper in developing Secure
Electronic Transaction.

Secure Electronic Transaction. (SET)

It was developed in 1997 jointly by Visa, MasterCard, Netscape and Microsoft.

Question No: 39     (Marks: 5 )

Differentiate between Cyber squatting and concurrent use with
example.  P: 181
Cyber squatting

The act of intentionally registering domain names containing trademarks/trade names of prominent companies to later blackmail or demand ransom from those companies is called cyber squatting.


Assume there is a firm Glory Enterprise and it wants to have its web site. It also wants to have the word glory as a part of its domain name because for years it has been recognized in the physical world through this word. However, at the time of registration of its domain name it finds that a person Mr. A who has nothing to do with the business of the firm or the word glory’ has already registered a domain name containing this word as a part of it. Since there cannot be two similar domain names, the firm is forced to request Mr. A to transfer that domain name to it. In response, if Mr. A blackmails or claims ransom from the said firm, he would be said to

have comm    ed cybe     qua     ng
Concurrent iuttse

r s       tti      .

This problem arises when two organizations have apparently legitimate
claim to use the same domain name but cannot do so due to the uniqueness of domain names.

Suppose, there is a company manufacturing electronic goods and another company selling French fries. Under the traditional trade mark law both these companies can have the same trade mark/trade name such as frys’. The problem
arises when both apply for the registration of a domain name containing
the word frys’. Here, both are legitimate claimants of this domain name but due to the element of uniqueness of domain names only
one of them can be assigned the desired domain name.

Question No: 40     (Marks: 5 )

Explain Confidence and Support as two measures of Association? P: 144


There are two terms/measures used in association, that is, support and confidence. Confidence is a measure of how often the relationship holds true e.g, what percentage of time did people who bought milk also bought eggs. Support means what is the percentage of two items occurring together overall.
Mathematically, they can be expressed as follows if we take the example of
eggs and milk:
Confidence = Transactions (eggs + milk) Transactions (eggs or milk or both)
In case no. of transactions involving eggs and milk are 25 and those involving eggs or milk or both are 75
then confidence is 25/75*100=33.3% Support =                       Transactions (eggs + milk) Total no. of transactions
In case no. of transactions involving eggs and milk are 10 and total no. of
transactions in a day is 50 then support is 10/50*100 = 20%
Suppose if confidence is 90% but the support is 5%., then we can gather from this that the two items have very strong affinity or relationship with each other such that when an item is sold the other is sold together, However, the chance of this pair being purchased out of the total no. of transactions is very slim, just 5%.
One can adjust these measures to discover items having corresponding
level of association and accordingly set marketing strategy. So, if I feed the data to the association mining tool and specify the percentage of confidence and support, it will list down the items that have association

corresponding to these percentages. Results of association mining are
shown with the help of double arrows as indicated below: Bread Å----Æ Butter
Computer Å----Æ Furniture

Clothes Å----Æ Shoes

Using the result of association mining, a marketer can take a number of useful steps to set or modify marketing strategy. For example, items that have closeness/affinity with each other can be shelved together to improve customer service. Certain promotional schemes can be introduced in view
of the association mining result etc.

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