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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Facebook Is Down for Some Users 2012 December


UPDATE 7:55pm EST: A Facebook spokesperson sent the following statement. "Earlier today we made a change to our DNS infrastructure and that change resulted in some people being temporarily unable to reach the site. We detected and resolved the issue quickly, and we are now backing to 100 percent. We apologize for any inconvenience."
For those of you still recovering from the shock of Monday's Gmail outage, there may be even worse news -- Facebook appears to be down for some users, and lacking images for others.
The Facebook outage started attracting attention around 5:45pm EST Monday. The nature of the outage, and its effects, appear to be sporadic.

I am also not being able to access the site at all, while three more found that images were missing from the site -- suggesting a problem with its Content Delivery Network.
If you're feeling the loss of the social network, don't fret yet. A functioning workaround for some users, including this reporter: going to either the mobile site or the developer preview site
Internet Users Lose It during Facebook's Momentary Downtime
The lack of images was especially embarrassing considering that Instagram, which recently completed its sale to Facebook, just launched a new set of photo tools and filters Monday. The service also removed support for its pictures within Twitter, a Facebook rival, last week.
We've reached out to Facebook for comment, and will keep updating this story as we learn more. Are Facebook down for you -- and what are you doing until it comes back? Let us know in the comments.
UPDATE: As of 6:35pm EST, Facebook appears to be back for most users who complained of an outage. However, it was still down according to the site downforeveryoneorjustme -- suggesting the social network may still have a DNS issue.

      Source: Mashable


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