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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CS201 Latest Mid term Paper 2012

20 MCQ'S 
1) TWAIN stands for........ (Ans:Technology without any interesting name)
2) microsoft word is what type of software.......(utility,driver,application)
3) First address of an element in array is called....? (first address, base address)
4) Doc file (Ms word file) is of what kind (a binary acces file, random access file, sequential or exe)
5) switch statement is replacement of ( Ans: multiple-if statement)
6) which statement checks the test condition at the end of loop (Ans: while)
7)mcq about checking of file through tg() tp()...etc
which bit of the number gives sign. (2)
how clossing a program with close() funciton saves memory(5)
suggestion: Grasp over the arrays and pointers and you've completed 80 percent of the paper.....:)


3. What a problem in the given code. How can you correct it.
Cout”p=”p”,p+q=”p+qend1;                          Marks(2)
 4. what is error in this code and give reason of error.
                  Const int *ptr=&x;
*ptr = 5;
      }                                                                                   Marks(3)
Sequential and random method. In given 2 method wich one is best and why?
5.                              write a programe that prompt the user to enter the value in an array
programe should sort the array in increasing order and found the maximum and minimum number in the array.                                            Marks(5)

6.  write a programme which create a new file having name cs201.txt and write introduction to programming taught by Dr Naveed Malik” in it.
      And after that print the content of this text file an the screen using getline function.


Total marks 40
MCQ = 20
2 number Question = 2x2 = 4 marks
3 number Question = 3x2 = 6 marks
5 number Question = 5x2 = 10 marks 
Technology with An Interesting name ka puch tha.
If an array has 100 elements, what is allowable range of subscripts? 
(a) 0 - 99 
(b) 1 - 99 
(c) 0 - 100 
(d) 1 - 100

2 number ka Quiz tha
Q write a code to open a file, file name is "myfile.txt"

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