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Monday, December 3, 2012

10 Differences Between iPad2 and The New iPad3

10 Differences Between iPad2 and The New iPad3
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I pad series is becoming too much famous in this modern era. Apple lovers always wait the new invention of this company. Ipad have got a good repute in the market. The company have done a variety of variation in development and modification in ipad and now have launched the I pad 3. When i pad one was released in the market. In 2010 14.8 million i Pad were sold. Then i pad 2 were launched in March 2011 and 15 million i pad 2 were sold. Apple won the trust of its customer and did not stop their excitement. They launched the new ipad with number of new modifications. You want to know the difference between iPAD 2 and ipad 3.Here we are providing the 10 differences between i Pad 2 and the new I Pad 3.Manybingo games with good graphics you can play in I Pad 3
10. Price

Price is the key role in buying anything but Apple iPad 3 have a minor difference in price between iPad 2.It is only 100 dollars for the additional modification in iPad 3. The price of iPad 2 with 16 GB is 399 dollars but the new iPad 3 has a price of 499 dollars. The price varies according to memory option.

9. Bluetooth
Ipad lovers can see the difference in iPad Bluetooth. In iPad 2 the Bluetooth i s 2.1 + EDR and the iPad 3 having now the Bluetooth smart 4.0. The Bluetooth of this kind will be fined in many Apple products such as iPhone devices,Mac Mini and Mac Book Pro.Bluetooth of iPad 3 has increased up to 200 feet as compared with iPad 2.

8. Power Consumption

iPad 2 energy consumption is dependent on the idle display on, power adapter no load, power adapter efficiency, and mode components as to sleep. But the iPad 3 power consumption is based on the reviews, which is lower than the iPad 2.
7. Camera
The Camera difference is easily seen from the back part. iPad 3 has the advanced technology Camera than iPad 2. iPad 2 has the still Camera of 720p HD and video Camera 0.7 megapixel with 5x digital zoom and 30 fps. iPad 3 has the still camera 1080p HD. The video camera is transferred into 5 MP, still maintaining the 5x digital zoom and 30 fps. Rear camera is auto focus.

6. Battery Life
Like other feature iPad 3 has improved the battery. iPad 2 having the battery of 25 watt-hour lithium polymer rated for 10 hours. It is increased in iPad 3 which makes it 42.5-watt-hour lithium polymer, and is rated for 10 hours. But 9, it’s on 4 GB. Battery Life of iPad 3 is increased than iPad 2.
5. Weight
Weight also varies between iPad 2 and iPad 3. In iPad 2 having WI-FI has the weight of 1.33 pounds(601 grams) but iPad 3 has the weight of 1.44 pounds (652 grams). If it is in 3G then the ipad 2 has 1.35 pounds (613 grams) as compared with iPad 3 having weight 1.46 pounds(662 grams)

4. Dimensions
If we compare iPad 2 with iPad 3 with its dimensions then it is observed that the iPad 2 is thinner than iPad 3. The thickness of iPad 2 is 0.346 inches (8.8 mm) and of iPad 3 is 0.37 inches (9.4 mm)

3. Wireless (Wi-Fi 3G/4G LTE)

A wireless feature is also improved in iPad 3 than iPad 2. In iPad 2 it has 3G Cellular HDSPA, 2 G cellular EDGE, and models 3G. But in i Pad 3 it is improved as in 3G transitional LTE on 4G models. It indicated that it is so faster than 3G.


Apple has also improved the display feature in iPad 3. IPad 2 has 9.7 inches (250mm) multi-touch which is same as in iPad first generation which has the resolution of 1024×768 pixels with LED background with finger coating and scratch resistance. Now talking about the iPad 3 that have now the display of 9.7 inches (250mm) with a multi-touch Retina display with LED back lighting having the resolution of 2048×1536. Which shows the higher resolution as compared to iPad 2?

1. Processor
Processor is also improved in i Pad 3.It is a good change to improve the working of i Pad. i Pad 2 has 1 GHz, dual core Apple A5 on a chip. But in i Pad it is improved as in dual core A5X system on a chip. Due to this difference people want to buy this more whatever the price of I pad 3.
People want to do Conference Call with i pad but that feature is not introduced by Apple yet. May be that will introduce in iOS 6 software.


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