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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dutch car Helicar Takes 1st successful Flight

AMSTERDAM: Some Dutch guys have merged together the parts of helicopter and car to come up with a flying car, which was earlier just a dream. They are calling it a Helicar. This expansive Helicar prototype went through a successful 1st flight.
“On the earth the automobile pushes like a activities car,” says Pal-V. “Within moments its knives is unfolded and its end is extended: then it is willing to take off thanks to the innovative gyrocopter technological innovation.”
“With these effective analyze outcomes it is confirmed that it is not only possible to develop a traveling car but also that it can be done within current worldwide guidelines for both traveling and generating.”
This Helicar has three wheels and it looks more like a motorcycle. It hits 180km/h, both in the air and on the ground. Currently, we don’t have any news about when the Helicar will be commercially available.


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