Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Featured Products at VU Bookshop

Published On:  Monday, April 16, 2012

In order to promote the university’s image and to provide quality products VU is introducing items to its students through “Bookshop”. As it is a new step being taken, the items will be arranged on the basis of “confirmed order” from its customers.
Initially, following items will be available:

1. “VU” branded T-shirts for Rs. 550
2. “VU” branded P-caps for Rs. 125
3. “VU” branded USB (4 & 8 GB) exclusively manufactured for VU  Rs. 800 / 1000

The step by step instructions are:
1. Log on to VU bookshop
2. Book your order
a. Click on Featured Products
b. For T-shirts, select T-shirt of desired color and size
c. For P-caps, select Product
d. For USB, select USB of desired size
e. Check your order, update, if required or confirm
f. Print the voucher
g. Deposit the voucher amount in the bank account mentioned on printed voucher
h. Confirm the payment on the web site
Please Note: The no or product required can be changed from product cart.

3. The booking will be on fortnightly basis i.e. the orders places & paid by 15th of the month will be processed in next 4-6 weeks.
4. Please note that as these items are exclusively manufactured for VU, the items will be produced for ordered quantity only; the minimum ordered quantity will be:
a. “VU” branded T-shirts 500 pcs
b. “VU” branded P-caps 100 pcs
c. “VU” branded USB (4 & 8 GB) exclusively manufactured for VU 100 pcs
d. Where joint orders are placed, the shipment will be based on the highest quantity item.
e. Courier charges will be charged separately, as mentioned in the voucher;
5. The order once confirmed will not be revoked / refunded.


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