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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Course Selection for Fall 2012 Semester

Published On:  Friday, August 31, 2012

Course Selection for Fall 2012
(Commencement of classes October 15, 2012)

                       (MSCS students are required to email at for course selection)

Last Date to Add / Drop / Replace course(s): October 25, 2012

The Course Selection link will open on Monday, September 03, 2012 under Student Services;students are advised to login to their respective VU LMS account and select their course (s) immediately failing which their student status will be considered as “INACTIVE STUDENT”. Classes fo Fall 2012 will commence on October 15, 2012.

1.       Existing students may Select/Add/Drop/Replace course(s) themselves through ‘Student Services’ Course Selection link 
2.       Newly admit students enrolled in the 1st semester of their Study Programme are given pre-selected courses; however, they have an option to drop course(s) from course selection link available at LMS through ‘student services’ or via email to on or before October 25, 2012. (Note: This practice will eventually increase the duration of the study program and fee).
3.       Students with blocked VU LMS (due to non-payment of fee) are not allowed to make course selection/semester enrolment unless they deposit their outstanding dues.
4.       No course Add/Drop request will be entertained after October 25, 2012. In case a student fails to appear in Final Term examination of course (s), s/he will be treated as ‘F (Absent)’ just like Drop course (s) with no fee refund/adjustment.
5.       Fee voucher once issued will not be re-issued if a student drops course(s).
6.       Request of student to relax/waive off any offered assignment/Quiz will not be accepted. 
7.       To apply for VU scholarships, the eligibility criteria also include selecting and qualifying courses according to respective semester wise study scheme and deposit of university dues. 
8.       Students are required to strictly follow while enrollment of maximum credit hours limit for a semester including ‘F’ or ‘D’ grade course(s), if any. 
9.       In any of the subsequent semesters a student may repeat once, those courses of the previous semester(s) in which s/he had secured the lowest grade i.e. ‘D’ only. However, a student is not allowed to improve ‘D’ grade of a deficiency course qualified. Any improved grade will substitute ‘F’ and ‘D’ grades of the previous semester for calculating CGPA. A student can improve ‘D’ grade course before completion of entire course work.
10.   A student, who fails to achieve the required CGPA for award of diploma/degree, upon the completion of entire prescribed course work program, may be allowed to repeat, once the course (s) of the previous semesters in which s/he had obtained the ‘D’ grades, in order achieve the minimum CGPA required for the award of diploma/degree, failing which s/he shall cease to be on the rolls.”
11.   Specialization certificate students’ are not allowed to improve ‘D’ grade course(s).
12.   Regular MBA 2-year program students that have earned 18 to 54 credit hours are directed to complete their degree on or before Spring 2013 semester. Whereas those who have earned 57 to 72 credit hours with low CGPA are encouraged to complete their degree requirements within Fall 2012 semester.
13.   Students are instructed to follow strictly the Rules and Procedure given in Student Hand Bookunder - Course Selection link in LMS account.

Declaration: I hereby acknowledge that I have completely read and understood the above rules including semester enrollment, course selection etc. I understand that I shall be responsible for the consequence and thus promise to abide by the University rules framed out from time to time.


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