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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome Note and Semester Calendar

Dear Students,
Accept our heartiest welcome to the Semester Spring 2011 at Virtual University of Pakistan. It is, sincerely, hoped that you would enjoy your academic tenure at VU during this semester especially getting enrolled under this course.
This course will provide you a significant insight into how to apply theoretical concepts onto the real life scenarios. You will come across a systematic objective identification, collection and analysis of data for the purpose of making effective recommendations related to identification and solution of problems and opportunities in management information system.
The very goal of this course is to enhance the student’s creative, analytical and investigative skills to open new vistas for learning and grooming.
We want you to be more dynamic, participative and committed. A responsible, vigilant and active role on your part is essential for successful accomplishment of your target and will be highly appreciated.
Please keep in mind the following suggestions to get through the course:
Ø      You must have a sound knowledge of STA630 to have a good grip over the research methodologies.
Ø      As the course is based on interactive learning. Therefore you are required to be active and in contact with your Instructor on regular basis.
Ø      VULMS is continuously updated. It is, therefore, advised to visit VULMS of the course on regular basis to remain updated about the course.
For the sake of guidance, VULMS of this course is enriched with contents such as FAQs, formats, general guidelines, presentation guidelines as well as rules and regulations. Furthermore, Semester Calendar is uploaded on VULMS pertaining to submission of various documents so that you may be able to streamline your activities with respect to the specified deadlines. 
You may put your queries over MDB or alternatively via e-mail at
We wish you success and prosperity in the life ahead!

Semester Calendar (Schedule for  Spring 2011)
Course Schedule
Submission of SRS document
15th April 2011
Last date for Submission of Job Confirmation Letter
22nd April 2011
Submission of Final Project
1st July 2011
Presentation & Viva Voce
Soon after Final Term examination.  
* Note: Presentation & viva voce will be conducted during final terms exams only for those students who are enrolled only in Final Project Course. Rest of the students will be scheduled after final term examination.

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