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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Total Marks 5
Starting Date Monday, January 31, 2011
Closing Date Tuesday, February 01, 2011
Status Open

“Companies in employment services sector should apply integration modeling techniques to their ERP objective.”
If you agree with the above statement then support your answer with suitable arguments and give reason why companies in employment services sector should apply integration modeling techniques and if you don’t agree then provide your arguments to negate the above statement.


In Today's world mostly all successful companies know and perform ventures from side to side inventive approach and procedure. Companies assume ERP implementations when they require integrating several systems rapidly. ERP packages are used in combination with business procedure of development methods to improve.
The compotators of company force to ERP plans when the competitors are offer much better services and products in the market. In the recent scenario the technology is rapidly changes and improves the companies to upgrade himself to face some new challenges and known as pioneers in there field and of course want to get bigger market share.
Some companies losing there market share and losing profits just because of outsourcing now they realise the ERP system is best for this time and make sure system is incorporated and maintainable.

I strongly agree that companies should apply integration modeling techniques as today's most successful companies understand and practice enterprise application integration through innovative approaches and techniques. Sometimes business competition forces companies to undertake ERP initiatives, when competitors, due to tight integration of their own systems, can offer more desirable services and product features. At other times, technological advances require that a company upgrade all its systems to keep up with new opportunities.
Another reason companies install ERP systems is when outsourcing initiatives have failed and they want to reinstate their own information technology systems support.

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