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Monday, January 24, 2011

STA630 GDB 2 Solution

Due date Jan 26, 2011

"Briefly describe the situation where Coding of the responses can be done before the data collection and when coding is done after the data collection?”


* Data collection is the systematic recording of information; data analysis involves working to uncover patterns and trends in data sets; data interpretation involves explaining those patterns and trends.

* Scientists interpret data based on their background knowledge and experience, thus different scientists can interpret the same data in different ways.

* By publishing their data and the techniques they used to analyze and interpret that data, scientists give the community the opportunity to both review the data and use it in future research.

Coding of the responses before data collection
before coding is methods that ask to only close ended questions where answers are little in numbers and expected. It is achievable when the subject matter is very obvious. Where no doubt is exist. The pre-coding can be done by placing the mathematical value to each of the answer and even by placing a suitable place for every item in the topic.

Coding of the responses after data collection
If the data is completed once and edited. It is organized for coding, which is decide how survey reaction will be changed into mathematical data. First step of coding is the improvement of a codebook. The codebook simplifies the coding procedures by record answers and their associated codes if there are hypotheses to be experienced. The researcher is in a situation to use the collected data to test the hypotheses.


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