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CS201 Assignment 3 SOLUTION

Assignment No. 3
Semester: Fall 2010
CS201: Introduction to Programming
Total Marks: 20

Due Date: 06 Jan, 2011

Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting your assignment:
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

§         The assignment is submitted after due date.
§         The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.

All types of plagiarism are strictly prohibited.

Note: You have to upload only .cpp file. Assignment in any other format (extension) will not be accepted. If you will submit code any other file format like .doc or .txt etc. you will get zero marks.

The objective of this assignment is to provide hands on experience of using

§         Functions of C/C++
§         Classes in C/C++
§         Creating and manipulating objects.

§         Code should be properly aligned and well commented.
§         Follow C/C++ rules while writing variables names, function names etc.
§         Use only Dev-C++ IDE for this assignment.


Problem Statement: Calculate salary

You are required to write a program which will calculate the salary of an employee according to his/her grade assigned by the employer. You must declare a class named CalSalary whose private data members will be employee ID, employee name and employee grade. Also write a constructor, setter and getter functions for all private data members and a function that will calculate the salary.

Detailed Description:
  • Employee ID and grade should be of type integer. Employee name should be of type string.
  • Constructor should initialize employee ID and grade with value zero and employee name with value NULL.
  • For assigning or extracting values from private data members, you must use getter and setter functions.
  • Declare a public member function named calculate which will calculate the net salary of the employee according to his/her grade.
  • Formula for calculating actual salary is (Basic Salary) + 45% of basic salary.
  • If the grade of employee is 17, then the basic salary is 15,000.
  • If the grade is 18, then the basic salary is 20,000 and if grade is 19 then the basic salary is 25,000.

Sample Output 1

Please enter employee ID : 001
Please enter employee name : Mohammad Ali
Please enter employee grade : 17

The net salary of Mohammad Ali is Rs.21750

Sample Output 2

Please enter employee ID : 2
Please enter employee name : Aslam Khan
Please enter employee grade : 19

The net salary of Aslam Khan is Rs.36250

Note: you have to use same Class and Function name as mentioned in the assignment details. If we find any deviation, marks will be deducted.

Your Assignment solution must be submitted on or before January 06, 2011.



// VU ID: MC090200982

// In this programe input take from user and calculate salary predefined Rules and it designed with class name calsalary.

using namespace std;
class CalSalary
int EID, EGrade;
string Name;        
void GetInput()

// here takes input of emplyee name.

{cout<<"please enter employee name : ";

// here takes input of employee ID which is numeric only.

cout<<"please enter employee ID : ";

// here takes input of employee grade which is also numeric only.

cout<<"please enter employee Grade : ";
int GetID()
{return EID;}
void SetID(int ID)
int GetGrade()
{return EGrade;}
void SetGrade(int Grade)
string GetName()
{return Name;}
void SetName(string N)
void Calculate(int G)

// In this section define the salary amount on grade wise system. here are only 17, 18, 19 grades salary case. you should add more or less.
{case 17:
{cout<<endl<<"The Net salary of "<<Name<<" Is Rs."<<21750<<endl;
case 18:
{cout<<endl<<"The Net salary of "<<Name<<" Is Rs."<<29000<<endl;
case 19:
{cout<<endl<<"The Net salary of "<<Name<<" Is Rs."<<36250<<endl;
default  :         
cout<<"Grade of Employee is incorrect"<<endl;
 // here are class name Calsalary.                  
{     int G=0;
CalSalary cal;


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