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Monday, December 17, 2012

IT430 old past paper


Question No: 18 ( Marks: 1 )
What tag is used for displaying a border between the frames?
- BORDER or FRAMEBORDER Set this attribute to 0 for not displaying a border between the frames
Question No: 19 ( Marks: 2 )
Suppose, there is an applet at "". Write the code to include this applet in your web page.

<APPLET CODE= "". width=100

Question No: 20         ( Marks: 3 )
Identify the object, property and method in the following: Math.sin(45)

document.write("Math.sin(45) :"+Math.sin(45)+"<P>");
document.write("Math.PI :" +Math.PI +"<P>");

Question No: 21         ( Marks: 5 )
What is a web form? What is its usage in reference to client-server communication? 2+3

A webform on a  web page allows a user to enter data that is sent to a  server for processing. Webforms resemble  paper forms because internet users fill out the forms using checkboxes,  radio buttons, or text fields.

You are now familiar with the fact that internet presents a two-way communication model, also called theClient-Server Model. In the client server model some data is processed on the client side and certain data is processed by the server on the server side.

Question No: 22 ( Marks: 10 )
Explain the following frame tags? Discuss the usage of these

a) <frameset>
b) <frame>
c) <Noframes>
d) <Iframe>

Question No: 17         ( Marks: 1 )
What are the two types of twisted pair cables for networking ?

Question No: 18 ( Marks: 1 ) What it stands for IIS?

Question No: 19         ( Marks: 2 )
When does we use the parseFloat() function?

Question No: 20 ( Marks: 3 )
Name the JavaScript function that convert strings to float numbers. How do you give the function a string value to convert to a number?

Question No: 21         ( Marks: 5 )
Write your personal profile in a file saving it with the extension of e.g. “abc.jsand then call it in a JavaScript code.

Question No: 22 ( Marks: 10 )
Explain any three of the outside attacks briefly.

PAPER#1 multiple choices 18 all from past papers
2 short question 2 marks
2 short question 3 marks
2 questions 5 marks

total marks 38
1. difference between sniffing and IP adress spoofing?
2. tools to develop web server.?
3. write XML code of " welcome to virtual university" "of pakistan" to " IT430 students"
4. write java script code or variables and also show in alert box var 13.6
var 20.5
5. why used list in HTML?
6. briefly explain different terms virus
worms back door Trojan horses

Total question 23

16 question of 01 number (objective)

03 question of 02 numbers (subjective)

02 question of 03 numbers

02 question of 05 numbers

70% quiz from old papers


1-advantage of virtual private network (2)

2-how can we prevent our computer from virus attack (5) (virus protection page no 94)

3-what SQL stand for and its usage (2)

4(write html code for making borders which align left border color green.(5)

5-what is the function of reset button and submit button.

6-one more question about html about the functions of the tags (5)


Total questions (23) MCQS (16) Marks 1
Short Questions (3) Marks 2
Short Questions (2) Marks 3
SubJ Questions (2 Marks 5

Total Marks = 38
Long questions                                  

Question 1

Why * is used in SQL Question 2
Explain what will be displayed after this program is run and briefly explain what is the purpose of


TYPE= "CHECKBOX" NAME= "Check1">Blue Cotton Shirt <br>

NAME= "Shirt2" VALUE="26"> <INPUT TYPE= "CHECKBOX" NAME= "Check2"
>Green Cotton

Shirt <br>


NAME= "Check3">White Silk Shirt ….


<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="Go" VALUE="Register!"> <INPUT TYPE="RESET"

VALUE="Reset!"></FORM> Question 3

How to evaluate the performance of web server

60% mcqs were from the past papers

differ virus and worms 5marks
coding of mydate after seven days change 5 marks relational simply or flat and provide two file. 3 marks coding of alert massage 3marks
arry is a varible are not discuss 2marks one of two name of network

1- web server 2
2- "target" attribute not used in frames. justify 2
3- xml coding karni thi question yad nai 5
4- "form" tag ki coding ki translation karni thi 5
5- position properties in style sheet 3

Question No.17: What will be the final value of variable a’ at the end:
(Marks: 2)
Var a = 4; Var b = 5; Var c =10; a = a+c=6;
Question No.18: What is meant by Catalog Display and why it Use? (Marks: 2)
Question No.19: Create text bob in HTML, having length “15”, containing text IT430”? (Marks: 2)
Question No.20: Write XML code to print greeting Welcome to
XML! from “Virtual University of Pakistan to IT430 Students”? (Marks: 3)
Question No.21: How can you minimize the risk of outside attacks on
Network? (Marks: 3)
Question No.22: How can we differentiate between Server Side
Processing & Client Side Processing? Give at least one example? (Marks: 5)
Question No.23: Given the following JavaScript Codes :- (Marks: 5) Str = new String (Welcome to Virtual University of Pakistan); StrArray = New Array (10);
StrArray = str.split ();
a) What will be the output of the following function?
i) str.charAt (5)
ii) str.Substring (8, 13)
b) What will be the value of strArray [1] ?

Today is my IT430 paper quite tough laga muja

Check it

1. At the end of all process what will be variable t contain

Var S1=”made” Var S2=”U
Var S3=”and me

t =Si+”4”+S2+S3 2marks

2. Suppose there is applet at http//
write code to include this applet in your browser page 2marks

3. How would you change a dateMyDate to one week later?

4. Note on Application Gate way firewalls. 3marks

5. Essential feature of E-commerce software 5marks

6. Write HTML for Input field, reset button and submit button

1.  What is usage of <title> tag in a web page? Marks 2
2.  How are public and private keys used in public by cryptography? Marks 2
3.  We want to create left margin of 10 pixels and right margin of 15 pixels. Write
CSS code to apply both properties.       Marks 3
4.  Write a JavaScript code to change a date”my date to one week later? Marks 3
5.  How can you differentiate among different malicious program, like backdoors and
Trojan Horses viruses and worms? Marks5
6.  Identify the following variables as valid or invalid. Also give reasons. Marks 5

Question No: 17         ( Marks: 1 ) What it stands for (W3C)? Answer
World Wide Web Consortium

Question No: 18 ( Marks: 1 )
Do you agree or not that using Cascading Style Sheets one can apply an image to sections of ones page or even to individual words.

Question No: 19 ( Marks: 2 )
Which attribute is used to describe , how many times you want the sound to repeat. Discuss briefly.

Question No: 20         ( Marks: 3 )
What are cookies? Why these are used in web development?

Question No: 21 ( Marks: 5 )
What is the difference between physical address and logical address? Support your answer with
at least two examples.

Question No: 22 ( Marks: 10 )
How can we change a Font style of a text? Write complete tag by using an example by yourself.

Question No: 17    ( Marks: 1 )
What does this mean?

Question No: 18    ( Marks: 1 )
Do you agree or not that using Cascading Style Sheets one can apply an image to sections of ones page or even to individual words.

Question No: 19    ( Marks: 2 )
Suppose, there is an applet at "". Write the code to include this applet in your web page.
<APPLET CODE= width=100 height=200> DEMO
Question No: 20    ( Marks: 3 )
What do you think, is there any difference between Static and Dynamic IP Address assignment? Discuss.

Question No: 21    ( Marks: 5 )
What is cryptography? What techniques are used for cryptography?

Question No: 22    ( Marks: 10 )
Analyze the following given code showing some Cascading Style Sheets tags and explain its lines one by one.



<style type="text/css">

h1 {text-decoration: overline}

h2 {text-decoration: line-through}

h3 {text-decoration: underline}

a {text-decoration: none}




<h1>This is header 1</h1>

<h2>This is header 2</h2>

<h3>This is header 3</h3>

<p><a href="">This is a link</a></p>



Question No: 21 ( Marks: 2 )
Certification Authority (CA) issues the certificates? Describe briefly
Question No: 22 ( Marks: 2 )
Discuss the role of child element tags while in writing XML code. Question No: 23 ( Marks: 3 )
Performance of web servers can be evaluated mainly on the basis of two factors. What are they?
Question No: 24 ( Marks: 3 )
Write a function for the addition of two numbers? Question No: 25 ( Marks: 5 )
Write the JavaScript code which will display the following in a web page
using a FOR loop:

The number is 0
The number is 1
The number is 2
The number is 3
The number is 4
The number is 5
Question No: 26 ( Marks: 5 )
What is the difference between an interpreted and a compiled language? Give one example of

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