Issuance of Semester Voucher for Spring, 2020

Students are informed that full semester voucher for Spring, 2020 semester has been issued. Students may convert full semester voucher into installments through their LMS login, procedure is as under:

o Log on to your VULMS.

o Go to “Account book”.

o Click on "Convert to Installments" option against full semester voucher and make installments as admissible.

Link of SOP for making installments of full semester voucher:

The due dates of the installments for the semester are as under:
1st InstallmentJune 10, 2020
2nd InstallmentJune 10, 2020
3rd InstallmentJuly 10, 2020
4th InstallmentAugust 10, 2020
5th InstallmentSeptember 10, 2020

Issuance of 1st Voucher to Continuing Students (Spring-2020 Semester)

Students are informed that the University has issued the first voucher (Semester Enrollment fee + One Course fee) for Spring, 2020 semester to continuing students, who have made course selection from May 04, 2020, to May 11, 2020. Furthermore, the University has already issued said fee voucher to those who made course selection prior to May 04, 2020.

You are directed to deposit a payable voucher as per the given schedule.

Interview of Dr Naveed A Malik, Founding Rector, VU

Interview of Dr Naveed A Malik, Founding Rector, VUInterview of Dr Naveed A Malik, Founding Rector, VUInterview of Dr Naveed A Malik, Founding Rector, VU

“Emergence, dynamics, and future of e-Learning in Pakistan”

An interview with Dr. Naveed A. Malik (Founder Rector, Virtual University of Pakistan)

Interview conducted by Mr. Aqeel Feroze (Chief Editor), Ms. Arab-ul-Mateen (Ex- Chief Editor), Ms. Noreen Zahra (Ex-Publisher/Designer)

Interview designed by Mr. Aqeel Feroze, Ms. Arab-ul-Mateen, Ms. Noreen Zahra and Mr. Muhammad Zaheer. Ahmed Saleem

Dr. Naveed A Malik is a renowned personality of our country. His great contribution in launching the e-learning concept in Pakistan in the form of Virtual University of Pakistan has been acknowledged at all levels. Government of Pakistan has also awarded him Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2008 for his remarkable services for the nation. We fortunately got an opportunity to have some words of wisdom from him over his vision of e-learning future in Pakistan. This interview is being added to the Info-Mag “Entrepreneurial Tutor” on the completion of its first volume.

Q: Before we discuss the future of e-learning in Pakistan, we should go back to 2002 for a moment when the decision of establishing an e-learning based institution in Pakistan was implemented. What was the core reason behind the establishment of an e-learning institution in Pakistan?

Extension in due date of Admission fee voucher (Spring'2020 Semester)

Applicants are informed that University has extended the due date of Admission Voucher for Spring'2020 semester till 08/05/2020. All those applicants who have not yet paid admission dues are advised to pay the same till extended due date.

VUP helping IPH in COVID-19 testing

VUP helping IPH in COVID-19 testing

VUP helping IPH in COVID-19 testing

VUP helping IPH in COVID-19 testing

Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid on Wednesday 29th April inaugurated a Bio-Safety Level-3 (BSL-3) laboratory at the Institute of Public Health (IPH).
A delegation from Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP) led by Rector Virtual University, Mr. Naeem Tariq attended the inauguration ceremony along with HOD of Bioscience department Dr. Tanveer Hussain, Dr. Asif Nadeem(Associate Professor Biotechnology VUP) and Mr. Farhan Nasir.
Under the supervision of Dr. Tanveer VUP is helping IPH in COVID-19 testing. Moreover, Virtual University of Pakistan has gifted IPH the most demanding machine of the time RT PCR device. Speaking on this occasion Rector Virtual University, Mr. Naeem Tariq said that his biotechnology and bioscience team will help IPH in every aspect to fight against this epidemic COVID-19.
Dr. Yasmin Rashid appreciated the efforts of all the stakeholders. She said the government is trying hard to enhance the province’s testing capacity. The Minister said every institution will have to play its role in the fight against the coronavirus.
She said the total number of people who have contracted the virus in the province has reached 5,730, of whom 1,380 have recuperated from the disease so far. As many as 75,000 tests have been conducted in the province till recently, she added. Dr. Yasmin Rashid said the province is capable of conducting 4,000 to 5,000 tests a day.